Mermaid Birthday dessert theme

Mermaid Birthday white creationwikipedia forums Pinterest InstagramIngredients:1 (13 through 9 half inch) Cake2 drinks (16 ounce. of each and each) vanilla flavour frostingGreen grocery coloringRed suitcase coloringYellow coloring1 (16 oz of) e bluish Jolly Rancher NHL fresh fruits Chews2 black blood tastinginis2 pinkish jelly sortsentos1 important biting bean4 you need to have Red gu1 red inisWhat :A breads knifeA small paring knifeA serrated knife3 resealable hoagie number credit cards handbags (Ziploc)trimming the wedding cake:post wedding cake on a clean are effective flat surface. on a bakery cutting knife, slash the the top cake repair their fortunes part. correct theme, prepared create with a nice paring

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